Aleutia T1 (fanless nettop): purchase and test

Aleutia is a small PC manufacturer based in UK. They build mainly low power computers. As I was searching a fanless nettop, I chose the Aleutia T1 Fanless Eco PC. It's a nettop which can be put on a vertical desk stand or at the rear of a VESA monitor.

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Dual boot: changing the Grub's delay

Grub is a boot loader used by Ubuntu. When a multi-boot is configurated, Grub waits 10 seconds before launching the default OS.

To change the timeout, edit with sudo rights etc/default/grub and change the entry GRUB_TIMEOUT=XX (-1 will display the menu untill the user chooses a selection); then run sudo update-grub in the console.

Sound too loud on a Dell Inspiron 9400

On a Dell Inspiron 9400/E1705, the sound is too loud and can not be managed using the Sound Manager with Ubuntu 10.X.

To solve the issue, follow the geopteryx's tips : edit the pulseaudio config file with

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Suppress the logout confirmation

In Ubuntu, when you click on the logout menu, a confirmation is required during 60 seconds. To disable it:

Open a terminal and launch gconf-editor, then change the following values:

check apps | indicator-session |  suppress_logout_restart_shutdown

uncheck apps | gnome-session | options |  logout_prompt